The Cast:

Reed Arnold (Dan, Playwright) grew up in Oklahoma and has written and acted since middle-school. In L.A., he's performed in such shows as Twelve Angry Men (Torrance Theatre Co.), Much Ado About Nothing (Manhattan Beach Theatre Co.), Romeo and Juliet (Colonials Shakespeare Co.), The Foreigner (Shepherd Boy Ensemble), and (coming in March) Whine and Dine (The Sherry Theatre). His first original production, For Better For Worse, was staged last year at Playhouse West (where he also trained for acting) and had its run extended from two weeks to six. He often collaborates with the Youtube comedy group Third String Kicker, and trained in improv at UCB. In order to buy food and support his creative pursuits, Reed tutors standardized tests, which he knows are everyone's favorite thing to do. He eats more McDonald's and fewer vegetables than he's proud of, likes long drives and road trips, and hates duckface and selfies (and especially duckface selfies) with the soul-melting fire of a thousand hells.