Michael Minto (Chris) is a Los Angeles native actor and writer. Michael has an instagram account that he uses regularly, perhaps a little too regularly. When he’s not on stage doing this particular show, he can be found doing improv at Comedy Sportz, UCB, The Clubhouse, Improv Lab, IO West, or on rare occasions at The Groundlings. Michael is in an online sketch group called 3Twins (@3twinscomedy). They have been called funny, often. A semi-avid musician, Michael plays in a two-person improv-band called Guilt Feather with Matt Mattson. Michael is thrilled to work in this production, and hopes you enjoy the show. But if you don’t please tell him why. Is it him? It’s him isn’t it. He knew it. It’s alright, everything is fine! Not everyone has to love you. He’s secure enough with himself to know that his identity is not tied to a single performance or one person’s opinion thereof. He needs to go climb a mountain now, you know, to remind himself that there’s a bigger picture. If you’ve read this far, then there’s something special about you. He really hopes you find what you’re looking for. Who knows, maybe you already have. Just know you’re not alone. Keep this bio with you and he’ll always be there. Michael wants to dedicate these performances, along with being alive, to his late mother, Linda Mattier/Minto/Corwin. Michael also loves his overall family very much. Please feel welcome to connect with Michael via Facebook (Michael Minto Page), instagram (@michaelminto), or twitter (@mminto86). Have a nice Summer! K.I.T.!!