Love and Ethics Survey
Love and Ethics Survey
Let us know what you think about the following statements! All responses are completely anonymous.
Cheating is sometimes justified.
No matter how strongly you feel, you should not get involved with your coworker.
...Unless that coworker is smoking hot.
The quality of sex is a good indicator of the quality of the relationship.
I would rather have passion than stability.
It's totally possible to be in love with two people at once.
If two people are having an affair, and only one of them is in an exclusive relationship, that person is committing a worse sin than the 'single' person.
Regarding the previous scenario: the 'single' person, in fact, has done nothing wrong at all.
I would never forgive a partner for cheating.
Cheating makes you a bad person.
Ross and Rachel were on a break.
If s/he cheats with you, s/he'll cheat on you.
Sometimes a relationship can be stronger after one or both partners cheat.
A relationship that started as an affair will never be able to flourish.
I couldn't trust someone who cheated on their significant other with me.
You wouldn't cheat if you really loved them.
A man cheating is (or often is) different than a woman cheating.
Hey, man, all these rules and moral claims are wastes of time, can't we all just recognize that we are ferociously sexual beings, pent up with generations of violent erotic energy, and thus should just get down with whomever we want, whenever we want, in as many numbers at once as we want, and lose ourselves in ecstasy-fueled, orgiastic nirvana because, man, life is short.
Love trumps morals. That is, all is fair.
Have you ever cheated?
Have you ever been cheated on?
Have you ever been the 'other man/woman?'
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