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  1. At door:      $20.00 (Cash only please! There is an ATM next door to the theatre)
  2. In-advance: $14.00 (Paypal link at bottom of page, but please fill out the form first!)


The two Thursday performances will be 'Pay-What-You-Will' nights--give us as little or as much as you want. You can see a free show, or brag to your friends that you spent $50,000 on a theatre ticket. That's really your call. (Please note: this means that, unless you want to pay full price for the ticket, you should not use the Paypal option if you're coming on a Thursday!) 

Make sure you make your reservations for this early! These nights could fill up fast!  

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We will not be able to refund a ticket purchased here. However, if for some reason you cannot make the day you originally select, we will do our best to get you into a different showing at no extra cost.